Debut Wins for UAE Polo and Habtoor Polo Teams on the First Day of the IFZA Silver Cup 2021


The first tournament of the Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series kicked with a flying start. Bangash Polo team faced UAE Polo at the first game followed by Habtoor Polo against IFZA - Mahra Polo.

The first match of the IFZA Silver Cup opened with a goal from Tomas Panelo and, UAE Polo Team ended the first chukker with a 3.5 goal lead. Bangash Polo team made a come back during the next chukker. However, UAE Polo had taken control of the game from mid until the penultimate chukker and fully sealed the win during the last chukker with goals from Tomas and Lucas Monteverde Jr.


Match Progression: 3.5 - 0 | 3.5 - 3 | 4.5 - 3 | 5.5 - 3 | 7.5 – 5

Top scorers of the match: Tomas Panelo, Lucas Monteverde Jr., Benjamin Panelo, 3 goals


The anticipated match between Habtoor Polo and IFZA - Mahra Polo saw Facundo Sola deliver a flurry of goals that gave Habtoor Polo a one and half goal advantage. The following chukker, Isidro Strada scored two goals for IFZA - Mahra that narrowed the gap in scores by half a goal. The teams were neck and neck in the succeeding chukkers and finally, Habtoor Polo claimed victory on the fifth chukker with two goals closing the game at 8 goals to 5.5.


Match Progression: 3 - 1.5 | 4 - 3.5 | 5 - 4.5 | 6 - 5.5 | 8 - 5.5

Top scorer of the match: Facundo Sola, 6 goals


The next match between Zedan Polo and Dubai Wolves by CAFU is on 23rd January, Saturday on Field 2. Catch the action live or watch it online on Pololine TV’s livestream.

Match replays: available on request

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