UAE National Day Cup 2019 Kicks Off with a Win for AM Polo Team


Five teams are set to compete in a week long tournament held in honour of UAE's 48th National Day.

The opening match between Habtoor Polo and AM Polo teams began with a fast lead for Habtoor Polo ending the first chukker at 2 - 0. AM Polo showed a steady performance and took the lead at the end of the third chukker having 5 goals to 4. Both teams gunned for the win as alternate goals were scored during the final chukker. The last 90 seconds of the game almost assured a fifth chukker only to be settled by Tomy Iriarte as he delivered the winning goal for AM Polo team ending the match with 7 goals to 6.

This Friday's Polo Picnic was in full swing as guests watched the matches in picnic style and the children amused themselves in a dedicated kids area. Two lucky guests received prizes worth AED 3,000 in cash and gift items during the Friday Fun Race.

UAE National Day Cup 2019 Match Schedule:


25th Nov, Monday:

14:45 - Habtoor Polo vs. Ghantoot Polo

16:00 - Green Gates Polo vs. Bangash-Mahra Polo


27th Nov, Wednesday:

14:45 - Bangash-Mahra vs. Ghantoot Polo

16:00 - AM Polo vs. Green Gates Polo


29th Nov, Friday:

14:30 - Subsidiary Final (roundrobin)

16:00 - Final Match


The UAE National Day Cup 2019 is sponsored by Zio Technologies, a system integration firm with 16 years of experience across the Middle East, India and Africa.


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