The AHPRC League saw the last two strongest teams competing for the title of victor this afternoon at the Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club, with Cowdry walking away champions scoring 2 to 1 against Dubai.

This tournament saw 5 participating teams with each of them being named after the major polo clubs around the world: Palm Beach, Cowdry, Palermo, Sotogrande and Dubai, paying tribute to the great things they have done for the sport of kings.

In what was a thrilling match, Cowdry showed great skill right from the very beginning, dominating most of the chukkers. Dubai fought back displaying their great skill, however, it did not manage to land them the title.

Match progression:
Cowdry: 1-1/1-2/1-2

Tomas Iriarte, Polo Manager at the Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club said: “The fun and games will still continue here at the club until 13th May with our action-packed club chukker matches happening every Monday, Wednesday and Friday - come and join us!”

The 2018-2019 polo calendar has just been released for those looking to know when your favourite tournaments will be taking place. Click here to view it.

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